All Practical Choices for the office Spaces Now

Physical health is just as important as mental health for today’s workers; consequently, it is beneficial to provide access to outside areas where employees may get fresh air or go for a walk. A secure bike rack and on-site showers are available to employees who want to get to work by bicycle. Employee discounts are sometimes exchanged for a steady source of income from a nearby gym, and this has happened in several cases.

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Parking is needed for employees who drive to work. There are numerous sites where on-site office parking is limited or non-existent, so you’ll need to know what on- and off-street parking options are available and how much they cost before you choose an office location. The choice of Quill 18 Cyberjaya  is essential there.

At Access, we take great pride in our large parking lots and long-term parking facilities, which are accessible at most of our locations.

Term of the Lease Agreement

Negotiating the most favorable contract terms is easier when you know how long you’re willing to stay at your chosen location. To get a better deal, you may need to stay in the game for a longer period of time. An alternative to this is to accept a lower wage in return for a shorter contract of three months or less with only a one-month notice period. This will provide you greater freedom.

The deposit and any legal expenses that may be incurred throughout the contract negotiation process must also be taken into account. Asking about them is crucial since some less diligent office providers prefer to hide additional costs in order to advertise a lower upfront fee. An obvious choice is a service that provides up-front, clear pricing.


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Owners of small businesses often inquire, “How much office space do I require?”. Based on the kind of work your workers undertake on a daily basis, most experts suggest 50 to 80 square feet for each employee. Once you’ve decided to lease a space, it’s important to know what the office’s layout will look like before signing the lease agreement. If you have any concerns, make a personal trip to the area to get a feel for it.


How much does it cost to buy or lease a piece of office space?

Online office space searches may be challenging, especially when you’re trying to stay inside a strict budget. Various agencies and landlords may use different methods to establish a fee per person or per square foot of office space each month. You need to know what’s included and what isn’t so that you can compare apples to apples while looking for a new place of employment.

There is space for storage on-site

Because office space is generally more expensive than storage space, it is often better to maintain goods, equipment, and papers that are only seldom accessible rather than allowing them to clutter the workplace.. On the other hand, some self-storage facilities combine storage with office space, allowing you to have the best of both worlds.