Affordable Critical Illness Insurance Plan Malaysia is The Best Guard in Life

Nobody knows when or what diseases will hit in the future. Even if a person leads a healthy lifestyle, the risk of disease remains, and it can strike at any time. It’s no secret that sickness treatment is inexpensive. As a result, many people are turning to the Affordable Critical Illness Insurance Plan Malaysia.

Affordable Critical Illness Insurance Plan Malaysia

What is The Meaning of Affordable Critical Illness Insurance Plan Malaysia?

A Affordable Critical Illness Insurance Plan Malaysia is a policy that protects the insured from a critical illness. This insurance offers coverage or compensation monies in the hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah range. As a result, obtaining critical illness insurance becomes a requirement for comprehensive health insurance. We will be protected financially by critical illness insurance from the costs of treating this ailment.

What Diseases are Covered by Affordable Critical Illness Insurance Plan Malaysia?

One company to another must have different packages. But on average they will cover several diseases. Among others:


Stroke is a symptom of a deficit of nerve function caused by cerebrovascular disease, not by other causes. Impaired nerve function in stroke is caused by non-traumatic cerebral blood circulation disorders.


The second critical illness that causes the highest mortality is cancer. Cancer is actually another term for malignant tumors in several parts of the body, which can affect all people and all age groups.


Diabetes is a type of chronic metabolic disease caused by reduced effectiveness of insulin. If injured, diabetic patients are also difficult to heal, so not infrequently, they have to undergo an amputation process which is quite costly and risky.

Heart Attack

Disorders of heart disease are quite diverse, ranging from disorders of blood vessels, rhythms, valves and others. The cost of heart treatment also varies, but what is clear is that it can start from RM75,000.

Other Critical Illness

Of course, there are still some critical illnesses besides the four diseases above that we must be aware of. Some other critical illnesses are kidney failure, acute nervous disorders, hepatitis, meningitis, and HIV or Aids.

Affordable Critical Illness Insurance Plan Malaysia

Tips to Choose The Affordable Critical Illness Insurance Plan Malaysia

There are various affordable critical illness insurance plans available in Malaysia. You must be cautious when selecting it so that you do not come to regret it later. Because this is about your health and the money you pay each month as a precaution. Consider the following factors while selecting or purchasing critical illness insurance:

Wide protection coverage

Look for critical illness insurance products that provide broad coverage. Bear many types of critical illness.

Benefits for heirs

Critical illness is very risky to die. If you are the breadwinner of the family, the main breadwinner, you must pay attention to the fate of your children in the future. Therefore, a good critical illness insurance should be able to provide benefits for the bereaved family or heirs. That way, they can still eat, live properly, and go to school from the insurance compensation fund if someone died.

Easy claim submission

This point is very important. Choose critical illness insurance that guarantees easy claim submission. Not complicated, ping pong, even though the documents are complete. The disbursement of funds is also fast once the claim is approved.

Adjust to your needs and finances

In choosing or buying critical illness insurance, of course, it must be adjusted to the needs and financial capabilities for the amount of the premium. Therefore, it is important to know about your health. Then be honest when filling out the policy application form about what disease you are suffering from. If you deliberately cover it up, once the company finds out, it is very likely that your claim will be rejected. If you already know your own medical history, you can choose a product that suits your needs.

Choose a trusted insurance company

Don’t be tempted by big benefits, cheap premiums so you don’t become a victim of canned insurance company fraud. Make sure to buy insurance products from companies that have good credibility, are registered and licensed