List of Things That You Can Do After SPM

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Hello, SPM leavers! How are you guys doing? You must be feeling great after leaving your SPM phase. Congratulations! You’ve just finished the arduous process of high school. It has finally paid off to spend months holed up in the library, buried in textbooks, doing practices all day long, as well as learning and memorizing vital information. It’s finally the time. You now have all the freedom and finally, be able to breathe after passing one of the most significant exams in your life!

Knowing that the SPM season is over has most students feeling extremely energized and excited. However, you may now be aware of the emptiness you are currently experiencing. No more academic days. No more paying attention to classes. No more lingering after school for extracurricular activities. So..What’s next? 

Some people spent a lot of time planning after this, such as catching up with friends, watching the movies you and your friends have been discussing, or finally making plans for the trip you have been wanting to go. While for some people, this is a vital moment for them to plan their future. Whatever your choice is, you can enjoy them now as long as you are aware of your next step. If you’re still confused about what to do after SPM, we’ve got you covered with this after-SPM guide. 

pre-u science courses in Malaysia
  • Look Out for a Part-Time Job

This is one of the most popular things that many people do after leaving their SPM phase. While they wait for the release of their SPM results, many SPM levers choose to work part-time. You’ll probably have a break of two to three months before continuing your study, so instead of remaining home, why not make some additional money? Meeting new people is a nice perk of having a part-time job. Even while money matters, a part-time job gives you the working experience that you need to develop your character. 

  • Traveling

Now that you’re free from studying, why not take this opportunity to travel and relax your mind. Regardless of the destination, take this time to explore and discover new cultures, surroundings, and people. You can plan a vacation trip with your classmates or family. What matters the most is the quality time that you’re going to spend with your loved ones. 

  • Gain Volunteering Experience

In addition to part-time working experience, you can participate in a volunteer program to gain more community exposure. Moreover, this experience will look excellent on your CV. In Malaysia, there are a lot of non-profit organizations (NGOs) that provide a platform for students to volunteer for worthwhile courses. You just have to do some research and give it a go. 

  • Geared-Up Your University Life

The free time that you have after SPM is extremely important since it ushers in a new chapter in your life. Therefore, you’ll need to do some research for your desired course that suits your career path. Starting to organize important documents and get all the certificates you’ll need for the university application is also crucial. If you are interested in studying science, you can take up pre-u science courses in Malaysia. Make sure you’re prepared for university because it will be very different from high school. Good luck!