5 Advantages Of Using A QR Code Menu

The hospitality industry is looking to contactless ordering to help it get back on its feet as the globe prepares for a post-pandemic future. Restaurants are gradually giving dine-in customers a QR code menu for table ordering. It’s ideal for a wide range of hospitality organisations, including restaurants, pubs, hotels, stadiums, and theatres. Aside from the apparent social distancing and hygienic benefits, there are several advantages to adopting a QR code menu at a restaurant.

Let’s start by defining what a QR code menu is. Then we’ll go over the several benefits of incorporating one into your business.

What is a QR code menu?

A QR code menu is a digital version of a menu that customers may access on their smartphone by scanning a code. It eliminates the need for physical menus at tables, making the customer experience more COVID-friendly.

The QR code stands for “rapid reaction,” which is exactly what customers expect at a restaurant. The square code is an image similar to a barcode that you could see in a supermarket. When a consumer scans it with their smartphone, the code is automatically transformed into understandable menu information on a website or app.

Customers can not only view the menu, but they can also select things from the menu and pay for them using their cell phone – a truly contactless ordering experience.

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Why use a QR code menu?

1. Eliminate menu sharing between consumers
Of course, the most significant benefit of a QR code menu at a restaurant right now is that it decreases the amount of items guests must touch while dining. A menu is frequently circulated around the table while a group decides what to eat and drink. Display your QR codes in prominent locations throughout the restaurant so that customers can easily identify and scan them.

2. Save money on printing costs

The menu in many restaurants changes on a regular basis. It costs money to update a print edition of a menu when the chef introduces a new item or runs out of something. Moreover, a QR code menu allows for modifications to be made digitally as needed without incurring additional fees.

3. Entice with food images

On paper menus, space is restricted, which is why there are rarely any photos of the dish. Customers, however, make decisions with their eyes. People will be enticed to order your mouthwatering burgers with all the fixings if you post a great photo of them. You can add photographs with as many menu items as you want on a digital menu.

4. Reduce staff contact with consumers

During the pandemic, people learned to limit their physical connections with others. With a QR code menu, you may reduce contact between your staff and customers as a restaurant owner/operator. In other circumstances, the personnel may still be required to deliver the meal to the table. However, to reduce human touch, even more, you may implement a collecting point system within the restaurant.

5. Better menu design

A digital menu is designed with a good user experience in mind, so you can highlight your most popular items, raise order value, and improve conversion rates.

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