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The construction industry has contributed significantly to national development over the years, laying down the infrastructure for the country and becoming one of the main sectors of the national economy.


In its impressive growth, the construction industry has surged ahead in certain areas but remains behind in others. Numerous programmes and initiatives have been implemented in the past to address issues in the industry, but substantial issues remain. These issues are categorised into four areas:

Limited emphasis on quality and assessments; limited safety awareness; and regulatory constraints

Prevalence of inefficient construction practices that risk harming the environment

Dependence on a largely low-skilled workforce with limited adoption of new technology leading to one of the lowest productivity levels in the economy

A lack of Malaysian construction players who can contend on an international level coupled with declining local market share.


The Malaysian government was aware of these shortfalls and the impact they would have on further development of the construction industry, addressing the issue in the 11th Malaysia Plan and Services Sector Blueprint. The Ministry of Works, in collaboration with the Construction Industry Development Board and its other agencies, spearheaded the development of this Construction Industry Transformation Programme.


The CITP was designed as a five-year transformational programme, to run from 2016 – 2020. It was realised that a transformation would be needed for the industry, as it had been running for too long on the old way of doing things. The CITP is also an encompassing programme, needing by design the cooperation of various stakeholders, primarily the industry and government agencies.


With input from a wide range of stakeholders, four main thrusts were developed, which are: Quality, Safety & Professionalism; Environmental Sustainability; Productivity; and Internationalisation, complete with 18 initiatives to address specific issues and realise the aims of each thrust.


To ensure that the CITP would be carried out in a proper and timely manner, a strong governance structure was also developed and put in place.


On the 10th of September 2015, the CITP was launched by Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia, and went into effect on 1st January 2016.


As 2020 is the year the government has designated when Malaysia would achieve developed nation status, the CITP is the last programme for the construction industry to achieve its aims.


Alignment with national agendas

Rancangan Malaysia ke11 (RMK11)

The CITP aligns directly with Chapter 8 and Focus Area D of the RMK11. Additionally, the CITP will contribute directly to all six of the RMK11 thrusts.


Services Sector Blueprint

The CITP is directly aligned with policy levers on the Services Sector Blueprint, such as Internationalisation, Human Capital Development, and Sectoral Governance Reform.



This website serves as a portal to disseminate information on the CITP and updates on its thrusts and initiatives. Through this website, the visitor can gain an introduction to the CITP, an insight into why and how it will transform the industry, and updates as to its progress.


This website will also serve as a repository of multimedia materials and pertinent documents.

The information contained in this website is not exhaustive, as the CITP is a comprehensive programme that covers multiple areas and affects numerous stakeholder groups.


Detailed information and further updates can be obtained through the Construction Industry Development Board.

Quality, Safety and


Quality, safety and professionalism ingrained in industry culture

More than doubling productivity, matched by higher wages




Malaysia’s sustainable infrastructure: a model for the emerging world

The CITP is Malaysia’s national agenda to transform the construction industry, with the primary objective of transforming the construction industry towards becoming highly productive, environmentally sustainable, with globally competitive players and a focus on safety and quality standards.


The CITP will reflect the agenda of the national Services Sector Blueprint and was launched on September 10th, 2015.

19 CITP initiatives to transform the construction industry across 4 strategic thrusts

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